Pinnacle Aluminum and Glass was conceived after many years of researching the aluminium window and door industry, to bring superior product quality and architectural design into the market at cost effective prices, and YES we have succeeded, and have a solution to the ever increasing prices and sub standard workmanship. With over 15 years of working in the industry and researching the industry and dealing with major consortiums, contractors and suppliers.

Pinnacle is the name that states the services offered, we deliver on time every time, our technical advice is like no other, bringing together the country's most knowledgeable patrons with over 35 years  experience in all aspects of the industry ,so there is no need for further research on systems and designs, one of the cost saving factors. We have sourced out suppliers that deliver quality materials on time with the best prices negotiated to pass on to the end user..

Aluminium window and door manufactures 90% of the time bill in the entire company overheads and outsourced labour into a single product, accelerating the price of the product, we at Pinnacle do it different eliminating the added overhead costs and the middleman once again bringing our cost savings to the end user. We offer superior systems with aesthetic appeal rather than your common window and door systems at reduced prices.

The members of Pinnacle Aluminium and Glass have worked on major projects all over South Africa delivering only the best every time from domestic works to high end residential and major developments. Pinnacles goal and what we strongly believe in is to empower young South Africans buy offering learner ship and training programs by our in house business and training consultants to create future entrepreneurs and future opportunities in creating franchises all over Africa and the world which will therefore impact the rate of employment in a positive manner, creating a mountain of job opportunities and giving back to the community.



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